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Everyone thinks you have your life together.

On the outside you look super successful.

You’ve got all the shiny things!

In theory, you should be happy.

But, you’re not. Far from it.

You know there’s something missing, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. And although you’re happy sometimes, those moments of happiness are fleeting and external. Life seems to be passing you by and you feel like you’re stuck in a boring rut. Gah!

And, you know, if you’re honest with yourself, all those nice shiny things you have are not making you happy, let alone bringing you JOY.

There’s so much pressure to conform and perform; pressure from society, your family, your friends, social media and even the pressure you put on yourself. It’s a lot.

In the past you’ve thrived and fed off other people’s praise or how impressed they were with you. But not anymore. No number of certificates or degrees will help. You’re just running and searching; feeling empty and exhausted.

You feel like you’re wandering aimlessly towards someone else’s idea of success. Jumping from one thing to the next, chasing after significance.

You’re sick of comparing yourself to others. Wherever you look you see the highlight reel of people’s lovely lives and it seems everyone is happier and more fulfilled than you. You wish you could be like that, but you just don’t know how.

You used to have dreams. But you’ve lost touch with them. Heck, you can’t even remember what they were.

Recently, things have been kicking off. You may have lost something important; a loved one, a job, a relationship or your identity. This has forced you to sit up and face the fact that you need to make a change, right now.

You don’t know where you’re going or what your passion is. Not only are you missing the map, but you’ve lost the destination too.

You’ve started to question things.

What do I really want?
What really brings me true joy?
How can I juggle my faith, ambitions and the demands of modern life?
What is meaningful success? And how do I achieve it?
What do I want my legacy to be? For me? For my family?

There’s got to be more to life!

There is.

If you’re wondering if you have a higher purpose.

Girl, you absolutely do!

It might not look like anyone else’s idea of success. And that’s OK.

Just imagine, instead of admiring other people’s highlight reels and wondering what life could be like, you’re actually living YOUR best life.

You’re taking action, starting that side hustle, writing the book you’ve had inside you for so long, turning your community project into a non profit. Whatever your purpose is, you’re living it.

You’re tapping into YOUR purpose… your idea of meaningful success and true joy; and you’re actually doing it, living it, fulfilling it. And it feels amazing.

Meaningful success doesn’t just mean something, heck, it means everything, to YOU. It means creating and cultivating what matters to you most and brings you purpose and joy. Not just the shiny superficial stuff you’ve been chasing.

There’s no time to waste, I mean this could be the next 20 years of your life for goodness sake!

Once you’ve found your thing, you’ll know that it’s where you’re meant to be. It’s your destiny. You’ll be living out your gifts.

Whether you’re destined to:

Build a business
Start a side hustle
Focus on your family
Create beautiful art
Have more freedom
Change careers completely

Help in your community in a big way
Travel the world
Take your gifts and turn them around to help others
Stand in front of thousands, speaking and teaching
Share your story, telling it from the heart

Imagine how it would feel to know you’re living your purpose; your best life, that you’re fully aligned, and creating a life filled with meaningful success and true joy.

It sounds good, doesn’t it.
Then why can’t you seem to get unstuck?

Why aren’t you making those changes in your life that you dream of?

Maybe you’re afraid. Afraid of disappointing others. Of failing. Of succeeding. Of being seen. Of not being seen!

Maybe you’re not really sure where to start. Or what meaningful success looks like to you. You’re stuck in your head. Not sure what it is that you’re supposed to do and what God’s purpose is for you.

Maybe you don’t feel like you deserve it and your needs and wants are put to the bottom of the list, or drop off the list completely.

So you do nothing. And the years keep passing you by.

Girl, Ultimately, the only thing really holding you back is you.

What you do know is, that you need help. Real help.

Because right now, you don’t know how to move forward.

Even though you’re desperate to.

And that’s why I’m here.

To help you make this bigger, more meaningful life, a reality.

Hi, I’m Natasha.
I help women who are struggling to juggle their faith, their ambitions and the demands of modern life, to find a balance and work on their mindset, so that they can achieve meaningful success and therefore true joy in their lives.

I specialize in helping women to go from outward success to significance. From stuck and unhappy, to meaningful success and true joy.

My strength and resilience were fueled after the tragic loss of my newborn son. My faith was tested further when I found myself juggling the challenges of motherhood and the demands of a highly successful sales career.

My own path of struggle and self-discovery inspires my commitment in helping women and teen girls push past their own pain and fears, and rise into their greatness — so that they too achieve success on their terms.

I help my clients to lean into their faith, so that they can develop the strength, resilience and confidence they need to achieve success and true joy in their lives. Whether they aspire to start a business, grow their business, get promoted at work, create something beautiful or live to their full potential, I work with my clients to turn their dreams into reality. I help them move from fear into faith and create their reality from a place of truth and trust.


My 12 week coaching program has been designed to help you achieve meaningful success and true joy in your life.

Over the course of three months we will work together to find out what meaningful success looks like to you.

We’ll work out how to balance your faith with your ambitions and the demands of modern life.

We’ll work on your mindset so you’re ready and open to welcome this new way of being into your life.

We’ll uncover the thing that lights you up and brings you true joy and we’ll start taking purposeful strides towards it; whether that’s starting a side hustle, writing a book, traveling, volunteering, starting a non profit, changing career, getting a promotion, etc.

After 12 weeks you’ll be living out and fulfilling YOUR purpose, you’ll be on the path to achieving MEANINGFUL success and TRUE joy, on YOUR terms, while being able to balance faith, ambition and mindset.


Week 1: Acknowledgement
Where are you now and what’s important to you?

Week 2: Fear to Faith
Introduction of Fear to Faith Cycle.
What’s holding you back so you can move past it?

Week 3: Pausing and Choices
Create a Power Base
Letting go of control
Protect Your Peace

Week 4: Inauthentic Ambition
Examining our preconceived ideas of success

Week 5: Balance –
Identify different aspects of your life and what you want to get in balance.
Uncover what’s weighing you down and what we can let go.

Week 6: Dream Section
“Permission to Dream” exercise

Week 7 and 8: Meaningful success and true joy –
Create a vision of what meaningful success looks like to you.

Week 9: Mindset.
Preparing yourself mentally for success.

Week 10 and 11: Meaningful Success Planning
Build a roadmap to take you step by step towards meaningful success.

Week 12: Progress Review and next steps


My 12 week coaching program is priced at $5000.

This is payable in 3 installments, via Square.

The program includes 12 x one hour coaching sessions plus email support in between sessions.

Just imagine, in three months your life is going to be dramatically different.

Instead of feeling stuck and frustrated, you’ll be taking strides towards a more joyful, meaningful existence.

You’ve tried talking to friends and family
You’ve signed up for online courses
You’ve joined Facebook groups
You’ve listened to podcasts
You’ve got certificates

But, nothing changed.

There was no accountability. No commitment. No connection. No support from a real life person who is invested in your success.

What you actually need is someone to hold your hand and guide you along the path to meaningful success and true joy.

You have a vision in your heart. You’re destined for something greater.

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