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Helping Entrepreneurs Master their Authentic Sales Process & Sell with Heart Not Hustle™


When I was in pharmaceutical sales and medical device sales for 16 years, I quickly learned that the sales-y, gimmicky, and pushy way of doing sales not only feels “icky,” but it’s also ineffective.

It simply doesn’t work.

But I also knew that sales were a requirement for my success and that what I was selling could help people live better lives, so I was determined to become a master of selling.

In the 16 years I spent as a sales professional in corporate, I was focused on perfecting a sales system that works AND feels authentic.

Well, guess what? When you get in front of that physician in between patients and there’s so much going on; you’ve got their attention for about two minutes. There’s no way they’re going to listen to you go through a study or read your sales page.

And I’ve got some BIG (possibly life-shattering) news for you.

It’s NOT just physicians. PEOPLE’S attention spans are very limited, so if we’re going to be great at sales, we’ve got to have a plan that doesn’t involve a crazy sales script.


Cookie-cutter just isn’t going to work.

In order to succeed, I knew I had to find a way to win at sales and be TRUE to me and through that process, The Heart Not Hustle™ Personalized Sales System was born (although I didn’t have a name for it yet.) Because of it, I had a very successful career in pharmaceutical and medical device sales for 16 years.

Now, there is a calling on my heart to help others win at sales without being sales-y.

Because what I know now is that sales doesn’t need to be so complicated. In fact, I’ve repeatedly seen my clients become masters of their sales by simply learning to bring the heart (not hustle) to their sales conversations.

It started in sales school, where I was fully immersed in all things sales. That’s where I began discovering my personality, my leadership style, my strengths, and I started learning how to recognize those things in others. It’s something I still teach my clients in my sales coaching today, but back then, I noticed a big problem with the way it was taught. I was told to match THEIR style.

So, when I first went to a physician’s office and the doctor started talking about his family, I matched his style. We had a lovely conversation, but I walked away feeling like I didn’t get anything accomplished. I never got to bring value to the conversation.

After that, I learned to be more firm. I committed to sticking to my sales script. I was going to start with a story of the patient, then tell about the product, and go through a study just before making my pitch.


I’ve simplified the path to sales success, focusing on only THREE main components:

  • You need to know your customer
  • You need to know what value you’re going to bring to them
  • You need to know what you’re going to ask them to do

I’ll teach you how to ask the right questions, be present, show you know what your customer is going through, address their fears, and raise them up.

I’ll guide you in holding them accountable, talking about money, and showing up with confidence in your offer.

And together, we’ll bring back the heart not hustle™ to sales.


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