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The world needs who you were created to be. 

You've felt insecure in your business.
You're absolutely spent from spinning your wheels, trying to make get more clients —and very few, if any, are buying. 

The good news?
It doesn't have to be that way.

Start converting new
clients every month.

My solutions help you reach your sales goals, develop a full-cycle sales process and propel your sales with Heart Not Hustle™.

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here's what i do:

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What Wealth-Driven People Know
That You Don't

How To Start Living The R.I.C.H Life Checklist - Learn How To Turn Your Idea Into A Profitable Business With These 15 Must-Know Tips.

Scroll-Stopping Social Media Tips - 17 Perfect Social Media Post Tips That Will Stop Your Readers In Their Tracks.

The Millionaire’s Playbook - The Secret Game Plan Of Successful Entrepreneurs Who Have Built Their Personal Brands Into Empires.

How Powerful People Drive Sales - The 9 Things All Powerful People Have In Common That Allows Them To Drive Sales And Increase Profits.

Natasha’s Top 10 Heart Not Hustle Sales Tips - What Wealth-Driven People Who Lead Profitable Businesses Know About Revenue and Relationships.
           Masterclass: Marketing Vs Sales - Why Most Marketing Efforts Fail To Create Paying Customers.

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Helping business owners show up confident

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and charge what they're



Hello Clients, Hello Cash 


Elevate Your Ability To Confidently Win More Clients And Earn More Income – So That You Can Do More Good.

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Ready to hit the ground running and gain momentum immediately? Let's work one-on-one for personalized strategies tailored to you and your business.

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Master your complete sales process to get more customers and sales with tailored recommendations specific to your business.

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A One-Day Intensive

“From setting up systems, to crucial mindset shifts, to successful sales training, working with Natasha meant accelerating my success immediately.” 


When you work with me 1:1, we'll address mindset—the most oftentimes overlooked part of a sales process. Using my signature Fear to Faith™️ process, we'll uncover what is holding you back from hitting your goals. 

Natasha is a Client-Getting Sales Coach who spends her days helping entrepreneurs, just like you, shift your mindset from leading from Hustle to leading with Heart. 

With 23+ years as a successful sales professional for two Fortune 500 companies as a senior territory sales manager, she can take you along the path of success in no time. She's already walked the path and can help you get you where you want to be faster! 

Helping corporations, start-ups and entrepreneurs master their authentic sales process and sales strategy, achieve meaningful success and maximize sales wins by bringing the Heart Not the Hustle® lights her up! 

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