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The world needs who you were created to be. 

You've felt insecure in your business. You're absolutely spent from spinning your wheels, trying to make a sale—and very few if any are biting.
The good news? It doesn't have to be that way.

Start converting new
clients every month.

My solutions help you reach your sales goals, develop a integrated sales process and propel your sales with Heart Not Hustle™.

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here's what i do:


Helping business owners show up confident

Where do I start?

and charge what they're

Hello Clients, Hello Cash™️ 


Reach (and surpass!) your sales goals with confidence, ease, and grace,
without being “salesy” or feeling inauthentic. You'll love digging into Natasha's Fear to Faith™️ method and proven sales strategies.

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Ready to hit the ground running and gain momentum immediately? Let's work one-on-one for personalized strategies tailored to you and your business.

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1:1 Sales Coaching

Master your complete sales process to get more customers and sales with tailored recommendations specific to your business.

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A One-Day Intensive

“From setting up systems, to crucial mindset shifts, to successful sales training, working with Natasha meant accelerating my success immediately.” 


When you work with me 1:1, we'll address mindset—the most oftentimes overlooked part of a sales process. Using my signature Fear to Faith™️ process, we'll uncover what is holding you back from hitting your goals. 

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As a business owner, one thing’s for certain, your goal is to GROW. You want bigger numbers, more leads and more profit. That all means better SALES. Take this short assessment to find out how your sales process measures up.

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Natasha Hemmingway is an entrepreneurial-based Sales Coach + Speaker and the creator of Heart Not Hustle® Sales System, Convert Your Leads and Hello Client, Hello Cash™ —a coaching firm founded with an aim to helping entrepreneurs find, and focus, on the deeper meaning behind their business motivation and sales message. She established her firm after leaving a 16-year sales career in corporate. She helps entrepreneurs and sales professionals to master their authentic sales process, achieve success and maximize their sales wins by bringing the Heart Not the Hustle®.

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Get to the root of why your sales process may not be closing the clients you want. 

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