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Ready to move forward in confidence?

You know you were made for more, but you don't know how to get there.

You feel stuck and uncomfortable where you're at but not sure how to move forward.

You want to live out your God-given purpose, but fear keeps getting in the way.

Sound familiar?

There's a way to move through the fear.

You feel like you’re wandering aimlessly towards someone else’s idea of success. Jumping from one thing to the next, chasing after significance.
There’s so much pressure to conform and perform; pressure from society, your family, your friends, social media and even the pressure you put on yourself. It’s a lot.
You’re sick of comparing yourself to others. Wherever you look you see the highlight reel of their lives and it seems other people are happier and more fulfilled than you. You wish you could be like that, but you just don’t know how.
Things out of your control have forced you to sit up and face the fact that you need to make a change, right now. 

But if you're anything like me, you need help to move through the fear and actually take the steps forward.

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The Fear to Faith™️  Collective


A membership for ambitious women of faith who have a desire to live out who God made them to be to the fullest. Identify your fear and be equipped to move through it alongside a collective of women cheering you on.

Monthly Faith + mindset Workshop with Natasha

4 Weeks of Guided Time with God audio + prayer prompts delivered monthly—It's like having Natasha is in your living room

Monthly encouraging scripture to guide you in your time with God's Word

Weekly encouraging text message reminders from Natasha

Community of like-minded women

Monthly Coffee + Conversation: Listen in to hear guidance from Natasha and special guests

Break-out groups during live-Workshop

Hot-seat Q/A — get your questions answered!

every month!

For $39 a month:

You'll get monthly access to: 

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$39 Monthly

Try out the free interactive Quiet Time with God

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The act of renewing our mind is vital in stepping being able to move through fear into a life of faith, confidence and purpose. Join Natasha as she guides you through scripture and thoughtful questions to enrich your quiet time this week!


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