5 Steps to Move through Fear

March 23, 2022

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You may see your potential, but deep down you know there’s something that’s holding you back. It’s probably Fear that’s holding you back. Now you’re wondering—how do you move past the fear and take steps forward toward a goal?

I’ve simplified the process into 5 easy steps to move through your fear called the Fear to Faith Cycle.

  1. Life Event: Identify the life events that are causing/triggering your fear so you can get to the root and snap out of the subconscious downward spiral
  2. Fear: Understand what fear really is. It’s a natural survival instinct so it’s a good thing. The problem is when it becomes a bad thing because we get stuck and don’t take action in life because we’re waiting on the fear to go away or comparing ourselves to others expecting to arrive to some “fearless” level in life that quite honestly doesn’t exist. Learn and know the difference between real fear and false fear.
  3. Pause: Pause after you recognize the fear and decide how you’re going to take your power back.
  4. Choices: Now make a choice on how to move forward thru the fear instead of waiting on becoming “fearless” which doesn’t exist from a place of truth and not fear.
  5. Action: Now take one action from a place of truth NOT fear to move you in the direction and closer to where you desire to be.

Rinse and repeat this cycle anytime you feel fear start to creep in. The more you do it, the more engrained in your mind it will become.

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