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What are they saying…

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“Working with Natasha has meant huge results in my brand new business from the start. Instead of figuring out how to do it on my own, Natasha kept me from overwhelm by working with me on exactly what I need to accomplish to build my business each week.

From setting up systems, to crucial mindset shifts, to successful sales training, working with Natasha meant accelerating my success immediately. I made sales and landed deals immediately. I was even able to empower my clients and team to get exponential results because I invested in my growth first.

Natasha has been a best business decision from the start!” – Kelly Brock, Business, life and leadership coach

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“I brought Natasha in to help me identify areas of improvement in my sales process and WOW! In one call she identified so many areas where I was leaving money and opportunity on the table. I was able to implement her advice and start using it within a few hours. As a small business owner, I don’t have a lot of input and having someone I can count on to help me improve my process and increase my revenue is crucial.  

Hire her today. The money you spend will pay back in dividends. I can’t wait to continue to develop and refine my sales process with her.” – Becky Herrington, Chief Marketeer

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Natasha is a natural motivator and coach who inspires you to be your authentic self. She gets to know your business goals and helps identify back end processes that can help keep your day to day activity flow organized. Because Natasha has firsthand knowledge of software programs such as email campaign funnels, CRM platforms, calendar management, and other tools needed to enhance your productivity, she can suggest how these programs can help enhance your business productivity. If you are struggling on how to keep the engine running behind the scenes and how to incorporate a follow up sales process into your business plan, Natasha can help uncover the best way to pull this together to create synergy in your business. – Kelly Venable, Career Coach

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I am so grateful to have met Natasha Hemmingway when I did. I was in the midst of planning and developing my business without a mentor. Big mistake! I had all the logistics covered but really no clue as to my missing link – SALES!

One of the things I loved most about working with Natasha was her commitment to me – for being there on time, every time and “bringing it” to every engagement!  

Natasha’s words come back to me on a routine basis. My mantra for confidence, her reminder to give myself “space and grace” when needed, and the process of building trust in sales relationships. I encourage anyone, whether starting a business or growing one, to engage with Natasha. You won’t find a better coach, regardless of where you are in your journey. –Arline Harris, YourStyleYourDecor.com  



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