The 15 minutes that Change my Day

March 25, 2022

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In 2021 after the pandemic I quickly realized that God was calling me to slow down and change things in my life so that I could be more intentional and purposeful with my time not only in my business and with my family but more importantly HIM.

As business owners it’s easy to get swept up into thinking that our business is our main priority because we are providing for our families. In my case, as a sales coach, consultant, and speaker, I’m helping others realize their dreams and reach their goals through increasing their sales, but in all honesty our biggest priority is our relationship with Christ and who we are to our family, friends, community and then our business. My first priority is and always should be God & my family, but I have to be honest this business has sometimes become a priority over those things.

God being as gracious as He is helped me quickly understand at the beginning of 2021 that things needed to shift and change. I was going to have to lean in. Part of this process was really understanding what rest meant.

Rest does not come easy for me. I am an achiever, servant leader and a “recovering” Type A perfectionist. I’m always looking for ways to help and serve other people and sometimes before I will even take care of myself. With that said it is very hard for me to rest—I’m always looking for the next person to serve, support, encourage through the work that I do and I’m always looking to achieve and be the best at whatever I do.

However God made it very clear that the breakneck speed pace that I was moving was not going to last long. I wasn’t at my best, and I couldn’t serve others when I was operating that way.

In order for us to be able to walk out the purposeful calling God has placed on our lives we need to spend time with Him to seek His guidance, next steps and plan every step of the way in this journey called life. This doesn’t happen without spending time with Him!

When I felt like I couldn’t slow down, I started with spending 15 minutes in silence and solitude with God. This changed the course of the rest of my day. If you’re reading this and thinking “I’m not a morning person”, you’re in good company.

Spending time with God doesn’t mean you have to get out of bed because I am NOT a morning person LOL. All it really required was my desire, focus and intentional action to do it. I wasn’t perfect when I started out because I used to have a natural habit of just opening up work emails, my work calendar or social media, but every time I did it I would catch myself and close out the app and start my time with God.

Here are a few ways you could start your day with God:

  • Read a devotional from the bible plan app
  • Listen to a sermon
  • Choose a book of the bible to start reading
  • Listen in to this free Guided Time with God
  • Ending that time in prayer.

Spending a few minutes with God… small, but massively effective and life-giving start to your day! Start small and watch God grow your desire to be with Him even MORE!!

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