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This blog was created for the entrepreneurs that want to shift their mindset, increase their sales IQ, or want to follow along Natasha's personal journey. 

Inspiration for faith, business, and sales.

Natasha's Notes

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ALL in Moment: Part 2

What’s your All in Moment? In this video, I walk you through tips and strategies and of course part of my journey so you can relate to the fact that it’s been a process. If I can do it, you can too!!!! Check out this video to see Part 2 of what I consider my […]

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I’m Natasha
I wrote this blog keeping YOU in mind. Whether you are a driven entrepreneur needing to sharpen your sales IQ or are needing advice in business, life, or mindset - I'm to serve YOU.
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Why aren’t you ALL IN? For me, the pull to discover my calling was too strong to ignore. Check out this video to see Part 1 of what I consider my ALL IN moment!

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Have you ever went through something in life that made you feel like you were at a complete loss and it caused you pain, grief, frustration? But on the flip side while going through it you were able to gain a new perspective and outlook on life and what you wanted for yourself out of […]

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It’s time! I know you’re asking yourself time for what! I’m saying it’s time to say peace out to the expected hustle and grind aka adulting, aka doing alllll the things you think you should be doing in order to live a successful life. Click the video to hear about my journey and tips on […]

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What are you chasing? We all get caught up in “The Chase” of “do more, be more, get more and repeat”.  Within the past 3 years, I have had huge growth leaps that have allowed me to reflect back and learn about how and why I got so caught up in “the chase”. In this […]

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Mindset is CRUCIAL! Do you know why? The answer to the question can be found in this video. I urge you to please watch the video to understand why it’s important, no excuse me, CRUCIAL that you understand why, that you focus on it and that you know why it’s necessary. Mindset like anything takes […]

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Mindset can be the rise or the demise to your dreams, goals, and visions. Mindset is key to ensure not only that you are investing into it but also that you’re strengthening it. Take a look at this month’s video that’s all about MINDSET and it’s importance!!!

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BALANCE- (verb) to bring into harmony or proportion. It’s not about seeking perfection but instead seeking awareness so that we can achieve meaningful success and true joy. Check out this video on balance and what you need to do to achieve it.

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Balance is the third part to the meaningful success formula I created. When you read the word balance you probably rolled your eyes and thought yeah right, good luck with that! However, you may be pleasantly surprised at my take on balance. Check it out and let me know what your thoughts are on balance.

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As we are halfway through the month we are still focused on Ambition. Specifically, in this video I talk about why it’s crucial to your calling. Click to check out the short video.

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